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At Allegiant, we are proud to be known as a “community of care” where each member of our team comes together to provide compassion where patient comfort is the focus.

Allegiant Healthcare offers a complete array of state of the art healthcare services, ensuring patients/residents can live life to its fullest. We do this through a number of specifically tailored programs designed to best meet the needs of each individual patient.

For patients who need special care, our skilled nursing facility can serve as a bridge from the hospital to recovery for those recently discharged from acute care.

While some are here for a short time, others may be here as permanent residents after particularly difficult procedures or treatments requiring constant care.

As a skilled nursing facility we do everything possible to help patients regain their health and independence so they can return home safe and be able to self-manage throughout their recovery.

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An extension of hospital services means that allegiant will provide long-term medical and nursing care, physical and occupational therapy and social services to patients/residents whose medical or other conditions required 24-hour supervised care.

Every patient has an individualized treatment plan based on their specific health needs. Your loved one will benefit from our lower than average staffing ratios combined with our highly competent team of health care professionals. This contributes to a lower hospital return rate and is just part of the reason Allegiant Healthcare of Mesa has achieved an exceptional quality outcomes reputation.

In addition to high-quality care, Allegiant Healthcare, we set high standards of performance for ourselves and for others. We provide superior services to our patients/residents, continually striving to uphold and improve our reputation for excellence. We always treat others as we would like to be treated, with respect to promote a positive environment where people feel valued and safe.

Allegiant is honest and open regarding our relationships, and we are straightforward in our communications, seeking results-oriented and achievable objectives.

Our focus is in achieving our mission in aiding our patient’s to achieve their goals. We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions and are accountable for using our time, talents, and resources effectively for the best outcomes of our patients.

At Allegiant we are resourceful in overcoming obstacles and take pride in finding creative solutions to meet challenges we encounter. We are open to change and handle pressure with poise, always adapting for the betterment of our patients and our staff.

Our overall patient satisfaction trend shows a very consistent, high proportion of positive responses from patients. Employee engagement is closely associated with quality care. Patent’s are our top priority, with each employee actively engaged and focused on individual patient care.


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