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Assisted living is a type of long term care accommodation for adults who require varying degrees of medical and personal assistance.

It is usually for older people who find it difficult to function on their own. Assisted living is also known as retirement homes, congregated care, adult care homes, etc. Unlike nursing homes, living at an assisted living facility is much more casual. You retain your freedom to the full extent. You can move in and out of the facility on your wish. You can manage your finances, see family members and more. Assisted Living Facility usually consists of Individual rooms, apartments, or communal quarters that can all be used as living areas. The facilities are generally designed to create a home-like environment and to encourage residents’ independence. Residents can take advantage of services to help them with day-to-day tasks. Family members can’t be available 24×7 to help older people in their family, in such cases assisted living is the best way to go.  Our Assisted living provides a home-like care facility such as personal and medical help to persons (typically seniors) while maintaining their independence. Personal care services, professional nursing, and elder housing are all available to those who require assistance. It may be time to consider long-term care for your parent if they require continuous assistance in their everyday lives.

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What You Get When You Live In Our Assisted Living Facility

Three meals are offered each day in a communal dining room
You get nutritious food three times a day. The type of meal is altered so you get too bored with eating the same thing.

Eating, bathing, dressing, going to the restroom, and walking are all things that require assistance

Some seniors are physically incapacited to move around safely. Our assistance can help them perform normal day functions such as mentioned above. They will feel more confident and safer when they have someone at their side helping them with stuff they can’t do on their own.

Cleaning services are available

Keeping their living quarters hygienic becomes a problem for most elderly. They might not be physically capable of vacuuming the floor, dusting the tables, cleaning their sheets and more. At assisted living facilities you don’t have to worry about those.


If the elderly need to go somewhere, they often depend on their children who might not come when their parents want due to personal commitments. We help with transportation. Allegiant Healthcare can get them anywhere they like to go safely.

Health and medical services are available

Older people especially need health and medical services at their disposal. It can save them from many complications when they have all the needed health and medical facilities all the time.

Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our living facilities are highly secure. They can be assured about their personal belongings being safe when they are living at our assisted living facility.

Each resident’s residential space has an emergency call system

Emergencies can happen at any time. Heart attack, stroke, injuries all require immediate medical attention. For older people these emergencies are more common than you can imagine. That is why we offer an emergency call system.

Exercise and wellness programmes are available

To keep elderly active, healthy and promote wellness our programs offer varied ranges of exercise and meditation services.

Medication administration

Timely medication administration is necessary when the individual is suffering from acute or chronic illness. Our staff ensures your loved ones get proper medical administration on time.

Laundry Services

To help with elders personal hygiene, we provide laundry services where we clean their daily wear or anything else they like to wash.

Recreational and social activities
Social activities keep elderlies entertained and make their living much more enjoyable.

Why Choose Assisted Living

Are your everyday activities getting stressful or overwhelming? Assisted living is an alternative if family or in-home help is unable to bridge the gap. It is critical to your health and pleasure to have an active social life. Being alone for long periods of time might lead to depression in older people. Assisted living can provide a lot of social benefits. A variety of social and leisure activities are available at good facilities. In addition, the community setting allows for the formation of new friendships.

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You may forget to take your prescription or take more than is recommended. Mismanagement of medicine can have major health consequences for seniors who are diabetic or hypertensive. If daily monitoring isn’t possible at home, consider assisted living’s senior health services.
You are lonely, unhappy, and in need of companionship without a partner. Living alone and losing part of your independence might lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. Some of the most valuable advantages of living in an assisted living community are the opportunities to mingle with people and participate in a variety of activities that interest you.


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