Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

Older folks undergo therapy treatments and other care services throughout rehabilitation to aid in their full recovery. A stay in a short-term senior rehabilitation centre might range anything from a few weeks to a month.

The Following Therapies Are Commonly Used In Comprehensive Rehabilitation:

Following a fall, surgery, or accident, physical therapy can help older persons restore their strength, mobility, and flexibility. Physical therapy activities are a good approach to relieve pain and suffering during the healing process. Older folks acquire strategies in physical therapy to help them avoid falling or injuring themselves again. After a significant illness, injury, or planned surgery like a hip or knee replacement, an older loved one’s doctor may offer short-term professional therapy to help them fully recover. It’s understandable if you have concerns about completing the rehabilitation procedure successfully. Learn more about elder rehab and what to expect while your loved one is recovering by reading on. Occupational therapy is used to assist older persons who are recuperating from an illness or accident in learning exercises and skills that make daily duties simpler.

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Occupational therapy can help older persons regain confidence and return to their fullest degree of independence by practising skills like loading the dishwasher, doing laundry, and preparing meals. Speech therapy assists older persons with diseases such as brain injury, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease that affect their speaking, swallowing, and cognitive abilities. Depending on your loved one’s needs, skilled nursing services such as wound care, medication management, and IV therapy may be included in their recovery. Senior rehabilitation aims to assist older persons in healing, recovering, and returning to their favourite activities. Participating in rehabilitation can bring mental and emotional health benefits in addition to the obvious physical benefits, such as:

Why Comprehensive Rehab?

When dealing with health concerns, it’s natural to lose confidence. As older folks improve and achieve their goals in treatment, their confidence will be restored, and they will be driven to keep going.

Recovering from a catastrophic illness or accident can be a stressful experience. Senior rehabilitation therapists and experienced caretakers know how to keep older persons cheerful and focused on their goals.

Your loved one’s doctor may recommend that you go to a specific treatment clinic, but you are not obligated to do so. You have complete control over where you complete your recovery. Some families prefer in-healthcare so that their loved ones can get therapy and other services while remaining at home.

Occasionally, older persons require assistance that cannot be offered at home. Staying in a senior rehabilitation centre that is part of a bigger retirement community is a smart option in this case.

Why Us?

Allegiant Healthcare is a cutting-edge therapy facility. Over 30 dedicated care professionals, including nurses, therapists, social workers, dieticians, a life enrichment coordinator, and a chaplain, make up our specialized team. They work together to provide a broad range of services, focusing on mind, body, and spirit healing.

In a quiet, peaceful location, your loved one will receive rehabilitative services that are personalized to their specific needs. Six days a week, therapy is provided in our large gym, which is equipped with the most current rehabilitation equipment. Your loved one can enjoy chef-prepared meals, participate in interesting activities, or relax in their private room when they are not undergoing treatment. Your loved one’s recuperation will be overseen by a nurse case manager, who will also provide assistance for their return home.

Comprehensive rehabilitation is provided by facility for Medicare beneficiaries who have been injured, incapacitated, or are recuperating from sickness. Only therapy services are covered under outpatient therapy benefits. Most rehab therapy is covered. Only those services that constitute professional, reasonable, and required therapy services that are not excluded from coverage are eligible for payment.

Qualified Physicians

A physician service, physical therapy, and social or psychological treatments are all provided. Optional rehabilitative and other medically essential equipment and services will be provided.

Prior to therapy in the Allegiant Healthcare environment, our physician establishes and signs the PT, OT, and SLP plan of care. While the recipient is under the care of a physician, PT, OT, and SLP treatments are provided.

A therapy claim must be certified in order to be covered and paid. Prior to beginning therapy, a certified physician must create an initial therapy treatment plan. We have qualified physicians that are doctors of medicine, doctor of osteopathy (including an osteopathic practitioner), doctor of podiatry working within scope of practice, or doctor of optometry providing low vision services solely for Medicare purposes.

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Allegiant Healthcare¬†recognizes the importance of carefully planning geriatric rehabilitation services when a senior requires more assistance recuperating from an accident or health setback. Depending on an elder’s specific medical needs, senior rehab can be delivered in a variety of locations. After a surgery or a hospital stay, choosing the correct kind of follow-up care can guarantee that your loved one has the best opportunity of regaining their health and independence. Give us a call today to know more.


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