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Allegiant Healthcare of Mesa

Allegiant Healthcare of Mesa is a leading provider of post-acute medically complex care services to patients who are recovering from serious illnesses or injuries and require additional critical care services for their conditions. Allegiant is designed to offer patients a longer length of stay and a more resource-intensive level of physician and nursing care focused on individualized therapies.

Rapid Recovery Program

Allegiant Healthcare of Mesa is rolling out new technologies, state-of-the-art rehabilitation treatment, breakthrough clinical protocols and powerful wellness initiatives to make each patient’s care faster, safer and more effective. We call it our “Rapid Recovery Program.” Our objective is to help patients promptly regain their health, strength and mobility so they can return to independent living as soon as possible.

Allegiant’s Rapid Recovery Program provides professional rehabilitative services intended to help patients regain their strength, mobility, communication skills and coordination so they can resume living as independently as possible.