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Allegiant Healthcare at Mesa is the perfect place for older family members, especially those who need medical care as well as assistance with day-to-day work.

Allegiant Healthcare of Mesa

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Mesa, AZ 85204

What We Provide?

Allegiant Healthcare provides comfortable living solutions with utmost care and respect. We are a licensed and insured healthcare company that provides skilled nursing, assisted living and comprehensive rehabilitation services. If you love your parents, grandparents or any older family member, you want to do the best for them. It is not always possible to be by their side all the time and take care of them. If you don’t to take risks with their help bring them to Allegiant Healthcare for premium care. We work with medical professionals, trained staff and have state of the art equipment for all kinds of needs.

Independent Living In Mesa

We offer independent living community services where they live in independent houses while having all their needs met. We will provide all house maintenance services, cook for them, do laundry and take care of any needs they might have. Independent living as the name suggests is living independently while having their needs met. It is best for older folks who are healthy enough to live on their own but need assistance with maintaining their property and other labour intensive work.

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Skilled Nursing in Mesa

If the patient needs round the clock medical attention, skilled nursing can help. You can be assured about getting comprehensive care at a skilled nursing facility by trained professionals who know what they are doing. Our trained nurses can help in performing daily duties like changing clothes, bathing, brushing, combing hair, cutting nails, going to the bathroom, laundry and more. If the patient needs tube feeding, wound dressing or other nursing services, our trained professional can provide that as well. They can change catheters and check for vitals at regular intervals. Although such a level of care is also available at the hospital, long term care can be expensive and impractical. That is why skilled nursing is the best option we provide.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation in Mesa

When the senior needs physical therapy we can help them by providing them with a comprehensive rehabilitation plan set by our trained professionals. They coordinate with the doctors to give people suffering with mobility issues, or loss of proper speech to make their life better again. At our comprehensive rehabilitation facility we provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology. If their patient is recovering from cardiac arrest, stroke, or other illness that impedes that mobility then come to us for comprehensive rehabilitation.

Assisted Living in Mesa

At our assisted living facility the older folks are offered healthy and nutritious meals in the communal dining area. They are given semi private rooms to live in. They can live with their partners if they are both senior citizens. The meals cater for all the health needs to individuals. If someone is not able to chew solid food, we give them softer food so they don’t have issues with digestion. Thei medical needs are taken care of, their living areas are cleaned and their personal hygiene is taken care of as well.


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