Patient and Resident Rooms

Patient and Resident Rooms

Patients and residents may request either a private or semi-private room based on availability. Residents may have personal belongings in their rooms. Rooms are assigned based on the type of care each patient requires. When requesting a private room we will make every effort to honor your wishes but it may not be possible since patients with special needs have priority for these rooms.

Each resident has personal storage space (closet and drawers) in his or her room. Residents have access to a personal telephone and cable television. Residents have access to wireless Internet.

Many insurance companies will not pay for a private room so you may be responsible for the difference between the cost of a private and semi-private room.

Offering a family-like atmosphere, while providing the best possible patient-centered rehabilitative care ensures that all patients feel a sense of community and connection to our staff.


In an effort to accommodate patients and their families we allow for personal electronics (laptops, personal music/video players, radios, and razors) in patient rooms provided they are battery operated. Headsets are always recommended.

The use of cellular phones may be prohibited in certain areas of the the Allegiant facility. Please abide by posted signs.


Mail will be delivered to each patient’s room by an Allegiant employee. If patients wish to mail letters, they may be brought to the nurses’ station or delivered there by someone. Flowers will also be delivered to a patient’s room by an employee.