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If you are looking for comfortable living for the senior loved ones in your family, Allegiant Healthcare at Phoenix is the solution for you.

Allegiant Healthcare of Phoenix

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What We Provide?

Allegiant Healthcare provides exceptional skilled nursing, healthcare, comprehensive rehabilitation, and assisted living services in Phoenix. When you want a safe and reliable place for your elderly family member where they are taken care of while feeling right at home, then come to us.

We take care of terminally ill, stroke patients, dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, patients with mobility issues or older people who need 24X7 help with doing day to day work as well as medical assistance.

You never know when an emergency might happen especially for older people. It is always best to have the medical professionals at hand. At Allegiant Healthcare we promise you quality living with 24/7 medical assistance.

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Skilled Nursing in Phoenix

When your loved ones need constant medical attention for a long term basis, skilled nursing is the solution. At a skilled nursing facility you not only get help for your parents or grandparents to do day to day activities, but get medical assistance as well. Our team will help them in making meals, feeding (if needed), bathing, laundry, personal hygiene, etc. Our emergency medical care helps older people feel more at ease that any medical emergency will be taken care of as soon as possible. People who are under respiratory care, ventilator care, renal care, seniors recovering from wounds, spinal cord injury, stroke, or cardiac arrest are all taken care of at our skilled nursing facility. With proper care we help them recover faster or atleast have a comfortable last few days.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation in Phoenix

Comprehensive rehabilitation can help bring mobility back for stroke patients. Our comprehensive rehabilitation helps a range of rehab therapies that include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and more. The right type of rehabilitation can help people who have mobility issues or lost it due to illness, regain their mobility little by little. Our medical professionals will build effective plans to help them walk better, do other day to day activities without falling or injuring themselves. Older folks often lose hope and the confidence of ever having a normal life again. With proper treatment we can restore their confidence and give them a new hope to live.

Assisted Living in Phoenix

If your older family members don’t have anyone at home to take care of them when they need or 24/7 help for medical emergencies, assisted living could be one of their options. Assisted living or independent living helps older folks live life as freely as they wish, without having their privacy disturned while having someone by their side. When people become older it becomes difficult to do certain tasks like taking care of their house, doing their own laundry, preparing their own meal, with assisted living they can have all that taken care of, while maintaining their privacy as if living in their own house. Give us a call today to know more about our services.


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