Physical Therapy Services

A type of rehabilitative health care that uses carefully developed exercises and equipment to assist patients in regaining or improving their physical abilities.

PT stands for Physical Therapy and is used to treat a wide range of patients, including infants born with musculoskeletal birth abnormalities, adults suffering from sciatica or the effects of accident or surgery, and elderly post-stroke patients. Physical therapy’s purpose and benefits may be obvious to those of you who have had an injury, orthopaedic surgery, or pain. For those who aren’t familiar with physical therapy, here are a few things it does:

Physical Therapy To Improve Mobility

There is relief available if you have joint pain that is limiting your range of motion and interfering with your regular activities. By mixing a number of techniques into a treatment regimen, such as manual therapy, stretching, and strengthening exercises, physical therapy can assist to reduce joint discomfort and improve mobility. By restoring joint motion and enhancing muscle function, physical therapy aims to relieve joint discomfort. Our professional Physical Therapist will establish what is causing your joint stiffness and discomfort after a comprehensive examination and build a program to help you regain and maintain as much joint flexibility as feasible.

Physiotherapy is an important part of recovery for many different health problems. Targeted exercises and techniques can help patients reduce pain, improve strength and balance to prevent falls, regain mobility after joint replacement or other surgeries, and improve gait and balance in stroke survivors. A trained physical therapist can also prescribe appropriate mobility aids and orthotic devices, if necessary.


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Physical Therapy After An Accident

Patients do not understand the extent of their accident-related injuries until they resume their normal daily activities. Pain, stiffness, restricted range of motion, and recurrent headaches or migraines are all common ailments. As a result, it’s critical that patients receive physical therapy to help them recuperate. Physical therapy can assist automobile accident sufferers gain strength, improve flexibility, and, as a result, reduce pain symptoms. Our professionally devised therapy regimens can certainly assist patients in recovering from their injuries faster and simpler than lying in bed.

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