Dialysis Hemodialysis

Dialysis Hemodialysis

Choosing a dialysis center represent an important decision. Patients will spend large amount of time in the location to receive their dialysis so selecting the best provider is essential. Allegiant Healthcare of Mesa’s In-facility dialysis offers the treatments performed by trained nurses and technicians.

Surrounded by a caring team during treatment, our group of medical directors and physician partners have dedicated themselves to raising the standard of care for kidney patients.

Patient’s typically use dialysis time to read, rest, work on your computer, watch TV, listen to music or do something else that you enjoy.

In an open environment if a patient wishes they may enjoy chatting with others like themselves knowing they’re not alone on their journey which can be a comforting thing.

Because hemodialysis is a gradual process and can’t be rushed treatments are offered during the day or at night, whichever is most convenient for each patient.