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Springdale Village

7255 E Broadway Rd
Mesa, AZ 85208

Welcome to the home of inspired healthcare, Independent and Assisted Senior Living. Springdale Village by allegiant is a community where we truly believe in redefining senior living and creating an extraordinary environment where people thrive!

Located in Mesa, Arizona, Springdale Village provides individualized post-hospital skilled nursing care in a comfortable environment. Our clinical and therapy teams are experienced in providing specialized care focused on your needs, interests and ability. This commitment results in a smoother and safer transition throughout your recuperation.

Springdale Village represents an independent lifestyle rich with amenities and activities for those seeking independence or who may require living assistance or medical care. Springdale Village is a place for living and a place to heal. Our Assisted living residents feel a sense of peace of mind knowing that trained caregivers are on-site.

Our culture creates a community where the Springdale Village staff truly cares not only about the quality of our residents’ lifestyles, but their physical and emotional well-being as well.

The Springdale Village Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Program includes a therapy center and professionally trained therapists for our patients who require a personalized therapy program.

Imagine the freedom that comes with access to these services and the friendships that are formed over activities and common interests. Life is more inspired every day when you are active and well taken care of by the experts at Springdale Village.

We are very proud that Springdale Village has earned a reputation for being a well-planned, village-style community, where it’s easy to get around and experience all it has to offer.

Living at Springdale Village gives you access to a wider range of services than most senior living communities and keeps you close to home.

Short Term Care

Short-Term care services at Springdale Village can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of months while someone is recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. With a focus toward improving skills and getting our patients back home as soon as reasonably possible, our team of skilled therapists employ the latest technology and equipment to maximize recovery outcomes and minimize recovery times. In these instances, short-term care is a beneficial temporary solution to help seniors make smooth transitions back to their homes.

Our short-term residents receive the same high level of services and care as our long-term residents, and they have access to all of our life enrichment programs, as well as meals. Our nurses and aides greet new short-term residents, get to know them on a clinical as well as a personal level and deliver them the dedicated care that they deserve throughout their stay.

Long Term Care

Long-Term services at Springdale Village are generally for seniors with chronic and/or progressive conditions. Typically, people in need of this type of service require long-term, 24-hour care by a team of skilled clinicians. including nurses. At Springdale Village we also offer long-term care designed to address not only health needs, but functional capabilities. From clinical programs for the body to social programs for the heart and mind, you can rest assured you or your loved one will be comfortable and fulfilled – where vitality is the goal every day.

Why Choose Springdale Village?

All the comforts of home

Researching the many senior healthcare and living options available today can seem overwhelming at first for seniors and their loved ones. Springdale Village offers a unique blend residential and healthcare services. It all comes down to the level of care needed and living choices.

At Springdale Village, we know that home is more than just a place to live—it’s a feeling of warmth, comfort and of enjoyment and activities. That’s why at Springdale Village we’ve designed our community around the premise of relaxed living apartment-homes and wonderful amenities.

We are distinguished from all others by the full range of customized care and service options we provide from skilled nursing and rehabilitation, Assisted and Independent Living, all on our 12-acre campus. It’s a village of comfort, care and active living with a full social life, learning, daily experiences, fitness, adventures and chef-prepared meals to enjoy in our Broadway Bistro Restaurant.

At Springdale Village we utilize a team approach to make recovery faster, more effective and more likely to succeed long term. Our team members are leaders in post-acute care coming from a number of professional medical disciplines who understand how to lead across the continuum of care.

Above all, Springdale Village is your partner in providing the best possible care for the patient. With an exclusive focus on acute care, we devote all of our resources to individualized, integrated treatment that is essential to providing improved outcomes.

Our highly professional, experienced staff has a passion to care for and assist seniors and their families. Each member of our team is hand-selected to offer the best care in our village community.

Springdale Village’s Post-Acute Care Team Includes:

Board Certified Physicians in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics.
Specially-Trained IV Nurses 24/7
Fully-Licensed Physical Therapists and Assistants
Fully-Licensed Occupational Therapists and Certified Assistants
Certified Speech Pathologists
Social Workers
Discharge Coordinators
Nurses and Certified Nurse Assistants
Case Managers
Registered Dietitians

“An AMAZING facility! Nurses were all very kind, helpful and well trained. As a former patient my experience here was amazing. Great food, Great people and amazing service!”

Chris K.

David Salgado
Business Development / Clinical Liaison
7255 E. Broadway rd
Mesa, AZ 85208