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Top Gadgets To Keep Seniors Safe

In today’s technologically advanced society, seniors are safer than ever to be in their own homes rather than assisted living institutions. There is essentially no barrier to healthy senior living that can’t be purchased, programmed, and installed for their safety and comfortable living right at home. 

Motion Sensing Lights

A well-lit space helps to move freely without worry of tripping over furniture or carpets. Motion sensing lights detect motion in all directions and turn on itself. It allows homeowners to safely stroll from one room to the next without struggling with several light switches, which is especially handy for individuals who get up several times throughout the night. It even saves electricity by automatically turning off when they leave the room.

Automatic Pill Dispenser

This device will automatically distribute medicines. What’s wonderful about it is that it takes a holistic approach to safe dosing, sounding a loud warning if you forget to take your prescription while also protecting you from taking extra pills if you forget you already did. Seniors are often forgetful also having someone to remind them to take pills 24/7 is not ideal. That is why an automatic pill dispenser is the way to go.

Home Security System

For elderly who refuse to accept assistance, the best way to keep an eye on an in-home patient in real-time HD video is home security system. It allows you to virtually be in the same room with them. It has video recording with up to 30 days of cloud storage, night vision, and a siren that can be activated remotely. Everything is controlled using an iPhone or Android app. It keeps an eye out for burglars or door-to-door con artists that prey on the elderly or crippled.

Voice Alert

Older family displaying early signs of dementia? Installing a voice alert adds a lovely, personal touch to caring for people who want to stay independent but need gentle reminders. You can programme the device to play a recorded message if you need to leave the house for a few hours. If they pass by the front door, for example, the recording can reassure them that you’ll be home shortly.

Fall Detector

When it comes to places where seniors are most likely to fall and hurt themselves, the restroom is frequently the most dangerous. The bathroom is a risk zone for older adults with restricted mobility due to the confined space, rough tile, and slippery bathtub or shower. Slips and falls are immediately recognised via body movement using a waterproof neck pendant or wrist button, and loved ones are notified of the mishap.

Bidet Toilet Seat

Seniors who suffer from arthritis, incontinence, or mobility challenges now have an effective means of handling their bathroom needs with our bidet toilet seat without relying on others. From a safety aspect, the Brondell device eliminates the possibility of twisting and turning on the toilet, which could result in harm or discomfort.

Burner Alert for Stovetops

Burner Alert is a simple tool that would benefit any forgetful cook, but it’s especially handy for seniors who are more prone to multitasking in the kitchen. Individual discs that fit snugly under burner knobs will warn you that the stove top is in use at predetermined intervals. The users will receive both audio and visual indications in the form of beeps and blinks when the stovetop is turned on for a long time. For a senior family member who is suffering from Alzheimer’s you should take a proactive approach to kitchen safety and fire prevention.

House-cleaning robots

These ingenious gadgets can not only save you the hassle of repeatedly bending down to clean up little messes, but they can also clean up hidden problems that could lead to an accident.

Touch Fingerprint Door Lock

Seniors are more likely to forget important items such as their wallet or house keys. Installing a fingerprint-activated lock on the front entrance will eliminate any concerns or issues about house security. It will not only prevent repeat lockouts, but it will also deter possible house intruders—particularly neighbours or “friends” who may seem to be watching out for your loved one while preying on their trust and weakness. For the exceptionally forgetful senior in your life, the keyless door locker could end up paying for itself because you won’t have to spend to rekey the entire house.

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